Application Process

Application Process

Due to our management agreements JPM will follow these guidelines:

  • A property needs to be viewed with a showing agent before submitting an application.
  • We are able to offer a showing at the one property you are most interested in, we do not offer multiple showings or tours.
  • An application fee of $30 needs to be payed before we process an application.
  • No applicant may be a registered sex offender.
  • Felonies, violent or sex crimes/charges are handled on a case by case basis, which may result in a denial.
  • No applicant may have collection accounts to prior property management companies.
  • No applicant may have a prior eviction on record.
  • No properties are held without receipt of an approved application and a money order deposit.
  • Dogs are required to have proper city or county licensing provided with application.
  • Johnson Property Management must be made aware of any initial accommodation request at time of application submission. Proper documentation may also be required.

 JPM requires the following for an application to be approved:

  • All applicants may require criminal background checks (see above) and credit history checks (see below).
  • All parties on the rental agreement must have current employment resulting in a combined gross monthly income of three times the monthly rental payment for the property.
  • The primary wage earner must have good established credit. Qualified credit will have 60% of listed accounts in current standing with a minimum of 4 current (non-deferred, non-delinquent, non-collection) open accounts. There cannot be unpaid liens or judgments on record.
  • Debt to income ratio that is less than 40%.
  • A good rental reference from the previous landlord. A good rental reference consists of limited late payments, limited negative file notes, proper 30-day written notice given, and property left in good condition.
  • Dogs are required to have proper city or county licensing provided with application.
  • Johnson Property Management follows HUD guidelines. For more information please visit
  • Published HUD guidelines are senior to all JPM procedures.

(Rental requirements are subject to change based on specific property owners requirements.)

If the above requirements are not met, JPM will require the following:

  • A qualified co-applicant that will co-sign (known as the co-signer) with the tenant to help them secure the property.
  • The co-signers must be part of the agreement until the property is vacated in full.
  • The co-signer must have a minimum of 6 current credit accounts with good payment history.
  • The co-signer must have a clean background check on felonies.
  • The co-signers must have enough income to support the rent rate, along with their personal expenses.
  • The co-signer must be local, preferably living in the Idaho Treasure Valley.
  • The co-signer may not be a current Johnson Property Management tenant.
  • The co-signers will need to be present at the rental agreement signing.

You must see the property you are applying for with a showing agent (and pay the $30 application fee) before we will run your application.

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